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8th Graders ONLY!

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

The promotion ceremony will be on Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 8:30am and will take place in the grass area by the baseball field. Students will not report to any class but instead will meet in the MPR. The back gates will be open for all parents to enter. If you plan to take your child home with you, which is highly recommended, you must bring the proper ID and sign them out in the sheets which will be at the lower field.


Please see details below:

  • June 6th - periods 1 and 2: Promotion Rehearsal
  • June 7th - Students to arrive at 8am and in the MPR
  • June 7th - Promotion starts at 8:30am


Parents: Please do not bring balloons to this event as they will not be permitted through the gates and you may bring your own folding chairs as seating fills up quickly.



Promotion Dress Code:

Students who plan on attending promotion ceremonies need to keep in mind that proper attire is required.

¨For males: All undergarments are to be covered at all times and dress shirts and slacks are to be worn. Shorts or hats will not be permitted.

¨For females: Females will not be permitted to wear strapless or backless dresses and all straps on dresses/shirts must be at least 1 inch wide. Dresses and skirts must be at least as long as your middle finger (mid-thigh length). Shoes must be closed toed and heels may not exceed two inches.

This is our normal dress code, but it is important for you to keep this in mind as you do your promotion shopping.

8th Grade End of the Year Information!


As we begin the second semester, we are reminded of how exciting this time of year it is for you all.  You have grown and matured from anxious and “unsure what middle school is all about” 6th graders to “I’m ready for high school” 8th graders! CONGRATULATIONS! However, in order to participate in all of the fun end of the year activities, there are certain criteria that we must all follow.


These rules will be reinforced for all 8th graders beginning on January 17, 2017.


Offenses that will result in the loss of privileges:

  1. Three or more out of school suspension days
  2. Three referrals to the office by any classroom teacher
  3. Three or more Friday detentions
  4. A ‘U’ in citizenship on ANY six-week progress report in second semester
  5. Grade Point Average below 2.00 for the 12-week progress report. (For Promotion Ceremony)
  6. Overdue library books or fines


Privileges will be lost in the following order:

  • 8th grade Yearbook Signing Party - TBD
  • 8th grade Boomers Party - June 7 @ 10am
  • 8th grade Promotion Ceremony - June 8 @ 8:30am

Thank you and good luck!


Boomer's 8th Grade Trip

LOCATION: Boomer's Vista

DATE: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

TIME: 10 am - 2 pm


includes mini golf, bumper boats, go karts, laser tag,

and unlimited video games (some restrictions) PLUS 2 slices of pizza and a soda!

Boomer's 2014 was a BLAST!!

June 2012 005.jpg June 2012 006.jpg June 2012 007.jpg June 2012 008.jpg June 2012 009.jpg June 2012 010.jpg June 2012 013.jpg June 2012 016.jpg June 2012 017.jpg June 2012 019.jpg June 2012 020.jpg June 2012 022.jpg June 2012 023.jpg June 2012 025.jpg June 2012 028.jpg June 2012 029.jpg June 2012 030.jpg June 2012 031.jpg June 2012 032.jpg June 2012 033.jpg June 2012 034.jpg June 2012 035.jpg June 2012 037.jpg June 2012 038.jpg June 2012 041.jpg June 2012 042.jpg June 2012 046.jpg June 2012 047.jpg June 2012 053.jpg June 2012 055.jpg June 2012 056.jpg June 2012 057.jpg June 2012 058.jpg June 2012 001.jpg June 2012 002.jpg June 2012 003.jpg June 2012 004.jpg

Registration for upcoming 9th Graders!

To all current 8th Grade Students who will be attending El Camino High School for 9th grade!




The dates for student registration will be during the first week of August 2017. Dates to be determined:


- August ? for Freshmen with last name A - L

- August ? for Freshman with last name M - Z.  


Make up registration will be on August ?.


All students need to come to ECHS on the appropriate registration date to get their books, ID cards, and provide their data confirmation sheet.  Every student must also bring two current proofs of their address.


Students who do not attend one of the registration days will have their class schedule deleted. They will still be on the list of students planning to attend ECHS for the 2017-2018 school year, but the classes they requested will not be held for them. This could result in a student not being able to enroll in a specific class if that class is already full.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ECHS at 760-901-8000.