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Student Resource Links


 For more Information contact ITV @ (858) 292-3505


Itv  Home Study Hall is here, on ITV! 

 Encourage your students and parents to watch these incredible series together (maybe even during dinner) and reinforce classroom learning! Weeknights at 6:00 pm ITV is airing engaging programs that correspond to middle school and high school core curriculum.

 Monday - Western Traditions - Whether your student is studying Ancient Civilizations or European History, this series covers it all..and it’s fun to watch! Visualize the ancient world through the age of technology, with a tapestry of political and social events woven with many strands — religion, industry, agriculture, demography, government, economics, and art. A visual feast of over 2,700 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art portrays key events that shaped the development of Western thought, culture, and tradition.

 Tuesday – The World of Chemistry- Chemistry is hard! Help your student with extra instruction and discussion. Join with experts to observe chemistry in action and learn the laws and principles of this dynamic field. Computer technology and special effects place students in a front-row seat to observe many processes, even those that are too dangerous or impractical to experience directly. Working industrial and research chemists of all backgrounds serve as role models.

 Wednesday – Rediscovering Biology - Be the teacher’s pet! This recently produced series explains the latest great advances that have been made in the field of biology in recent decades. Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives explains these developments for teachers of high school biology and your student too.

 Thursday – English Composition: Writing for an Audience - This engaging series illustrates many types of writing styles and includes interviews with notable writers from various fields. Universal writing rules and tips are great for both middle and high school students.

 Fridays….no study hall!

Also, every night on ITV the Spanish instructional drama series Destinos. At 9:00 pm

 For more Information contact ITV @ (858) 292-3505


New Immunization Mandate for 2017-18 School Year

A letter went out with students regarding the new state mandate for the Tdap or DPT immunization.  Please read it carefully.  

All incoming 7th-12th grade students must have a Tdap shot on or before their 7th birthday documented on their immunization record.   If your student has not met this requirement they will not be permitted to register or attend next school year.  Please check your child's shot record now to determine if they need this booster. 

If you have any questions regarding your student's immunization status you are welcome to call the Health Office at 966-4921.  Many students receive immunizations, but do not present the record to the health office.  Please make sure you bring in the record every time your child gets an immunization.

Supplemental Instructional Material

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Practice your Math Facts!

Do you need to practice your multiplication facts?? 

Do it here!