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6th grade

Cesar Chavez Middle School

6th Grade Expectations/Responsibilities

How it works, who’s responsible and how you can get help.

What is the biggest difference between Middle School and Elementary School?

One of the biggest differences in 6th grade is that you have more than one teacher.  Depending on your elective you could have as many as (4) teachers throughout the day.  This means you will need to keep track of what is expected of you (in written form) in the planner.   Don’t try to just keep track in your head…it is more complicated than that. 

Some assignments will always be due on the same day of each week, but some assignments are given with a due date far in advance.  Besides, when you are asked, “what homework do you have?” you will have a written answer in the planner to guide you.


I did not have to study last year and I got good grades, what about now?

The more in tune you are with the process of success, which includes studying, the easier for studying to become a habit or a routine you don’t even worry about. 

You should plan on putting approximately 60 minutes a night into the organizing and completion of your homework.  If your study time takes less than the 60 minutes, find a good book to read and sharpen those skills. 

Review your planner and School Loop and make sure you haven’t missed an assignment and don’t forget to study for those tests! 

See your teacher regarding the specific percentage needed to earn an A, B, C, and so on.  Elementary school grades are a good first step for future potential, but in Middle School, few students achieve without hardwork.


Any more questions?

Plan on seeing your counselor throughout the year to check on your progress.


With hard work you may even go beyond

your own expectations