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7th grade

Cesar Chavez Middle School

7thGrade Expectations/Responsibilities

How it works, who’s responsible and how you can get help.

Learn to take constructive criticism:  What is that?  Constructive criticism is when a teacher or another adult, or even a friend, suggests an alternative way to do a project in order to make it better.  Even if these suggestions on how to make your work better come when you thought you were finished, listening to “constructive criticism” can be one way to improve the quality of your finished products before turning them in.  Constructive criticism in advance of turning in your work is a “good thing”.


Always start a long term project right away! By taking baby steps and doing a little at a time, some of the pressure goes away and you feel more prepared about the project you need to complete.  Also, because you have “jump started” the long term project, even in this small way, it is less likely that you will procrastinate or put off the rest of the work.  Try this out, and see if it works for you.


Keep yourself organized, use your planner and write down the work expected from you. If you stay on top of the work as you go along, it never becomes overwhelming. It is a good life lesson for all of us, adults included.


Any more questions? See your Counselor....We are here to help!


As a Cesar Chavez 7th Grade student you can start preparing now for the biggest challenge of all... high school and college! It's never too early to get a head start!