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Ms. Morgan


Cougar Store

Cougar Store

Elected ASB Officers For 2019-2020!

Executive Board

*President – Anthony Gamez

*Vice President – Lele Letuligasenoa

*Treasurer – Mayra Reyes 

*Secretary – Roy Santos

*Publicity - Amy Ramirez



Elected/Appointed Positions

Media Director – Abigail Welch

Welcoming Team Director – Carmen Cantu

Community Service Director – Noah Valenzuela

Mascot Team Members – Colin Grabman



**Members at Large

Cesar Bartolo

Aracely Chavez

Qayden Coleman 

Charlotte Delauro 

Garry Dillard 

Mercedes Duarte

Yobana Hernandez

Gianna Herrera

Mikayla Huffman 

Erika Lockhart

Elizabeth Nair 

Omi Rondon

Jazmin Rubalcava

Mia Sumner 

Jazmin Zuniga


* Denotes Executive Board

**Members at Large were selected by 8th grade ASB leaders at the end of last year


2020-2021 asb elections

Hello Cougars! We are starting the ASB Election process for next year!


Interested 6th and 7th grade students can join the ASB Elections 2020-2021 Google Classroom and find information and the application. 


The code to join is: p4bbqnv


Applications are due next Wednesday, April 29th. All candidates will be given more information on the campaign process after applying. Elections will take place online the week of May 11th-15th. 

We look forward to receiving your applications! If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Morgan, ASB advisor. 

New Item Alert!Cougar Birthday Bundle! 

birthday cake

Cougar Birthday Bundle!

Includes: a birthday postcard filled out by the sender (students, staff, parent/guardians), a cupcake, a birthday sticker, and a little carnival prize! To be delivered by ASB. 


Our first Birthday Bundle delivery! cougar mascot with students


Things to know

Get your ASB activities card, its $25 and it gets you:


  • Special Assemblies
  • Discounts on field trips
  • Discounts on many items sold at the Cougar Store
  • Free Admission to all school dances
  • No fees for school sports

and more things to come...


(if you have any suggestions on what else we could add please let us know)

Community Service Projects

Sent a Chain of Hope to the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School!

Sent Holiday cards to students in Oceanside, NY!

Canned Food Drive for Interfaith Services Food Bank!

Helping to make materials for Homeless Veterans' Program with Interfaith Services!

Chavez Cougars have donated over 900 cans of food for the San Diego Food Bank!!

 Chavez Cougars have donated over 595 bars of soap for homeless teens in California!

Way to go Cougars!

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