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Cesar Chavez Music Calendar

Int./Adv. Orchestra Combined Concert

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Multi-Purpose Room

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Call time: 6:15pm

Attendance at all performances is a requirement of the class

Jo Anita Washburn  760-966-4934


Performance Dress:

Music Shirts and Black Pants (Bottoms)


March 4th, Monday        Winter Concert

6:30pm                          Cadet Orchestra, Int. Orchestra, Beg. Band and Chorus


March 7th, Thursday      Band Festival at ECHS

Times-Per. 1-5               Concert Band only


March 8th, Friday           Orchestra Festival at ECHS

Times-Per. 1-5               Advanced Orchestra only


March 21st, Thursday    Chorus Share Concert at OHS

Nutrition (9:15am)-Per. 5        Chorus


May 13th, Monday          End of Year Concert – All groups

5:45pm                           Cadet Orchestra, Int. Orchestra and Adv. Orchestra

6:45pm                           Beginning Band, Chorus and Concert Band



May 17th, Friday            Disneyland

                                                8th graders only (Concert Band

                                      and Adv. Orchestra)



Disneyland Trip!

It’s official!!

Disneyland Friday, May 17th


As we plan for the trip to Disneyland this year we need an official commitment as to whether your child will participate on the trip with us. This trip is NOT a mandatory trip so it is a necessary step. Our final price of the trip is based on the amount of students attending from Chavez, King, Jefferson, Lincoln and the Base Middle Schools.


As of today, we are estimating the trip to be $140.00.


It’s time for all the students who will be attending the trip to make their first payment.


Your official commitment will be the first payment. It is due to Mrs. Washburn

now through Wednesday, Nov. 14th.

Please have your child show me the receipt before they take it home to you.


Here is the payment schedule:

$25.00 due on or before Wednesday, Nov. 14th

$25.00 due on or before Wednesday, Dec.12th  

$25.00 due on or before Wednesday, Jan. 16th

$25.00 due on or before Wednesday, Feb. 13th

$25.00 due on or before Wednesday, March 13th

Final payment ($15) due on or before Wednesday, April 3rd


Payments will be made by your child directly to our Cougar Store. CASH is always preferable so that the Cougar Store and I do not have to deal with checks being returned from the bank with an added bank charge.


PLEASE NOTE: ANY MONEY PAID TO THE COUGAR STORE FOR THE DISNEYLAND TRIP IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Once you’ve made a payment, if for some reason you pull out of the trip or your child becomes ineligible (non-par), that money, minus the bus cost can be used for other Chavez expenses (8th grade trip, super grade card trip, yearbook or dance to name a few) Otherwise, it will stay in the Music Club account to be used by the Music Dept.


If your child participated in the School’s Candy fundraiser and the upcoming Music Department’s Discount Card sale, their final total due will be adjusted.


If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks, Mrs. Washburn


Band & Orchestra Receive High Honors!

Recently, the Concert Band performed at the Band and Orchestra Festival at ECHS. The adjudicators for the day gave the Concert Band an Excellent Rating for their performance. Congratulations!

The Advanced Orchestra also participated in the same festival and the judges gave the orchestra its highest rating of a Unanimous Superior. Way to go Orchestra!! You make Chavez proud.


Jo Anita Washburn 



Parent Compliment regarding Music Program

Job well done! 

I was so impressed with the students’ musical ability, as well as your tireless dedication to your profession and to the students that you serve. You have done an outstanding job of not only growing your program, but refining it to one of which we can all be proud.

Fantastic work!!