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school counselor

What do Counselors Do?

Mrs. Gayle Hamilton

6th - 8th Grade: A-L 


Ms. Paulina Tamayo

6th - 8th Grade: M-Z 


We help students:

  • with grades, classes (academics)
  • with friends and other people (social, emotional)
  • with personal issues (social, emotional)
  • with planning for the future (career)

How do counselors help?

  • We will listen to you
  • We will clarify and explain things to you
  • We can mediate in case of a conflict
  • We can refer you to a person or place for more help

When to ask to see your counselor:

  • When you are confused about your classes
  • When you need help with a class, friends, or other people
  • When you feel really sad, angry, or worried

What are the requirements for School Counselors?

All school Counselors are credentialed by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing and possess a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in the state of California.

Student Support Team

Melissa Bonet, School Nurse    ext. 4920

Cindi Donaldson, Health Clerk ext. 4921

Gayle Hamilton, Counselor      ext. 4926

Paulina Tamayo, Counselor     ext. 4927

Shawna Williamson, School Psychologist

ext. 4909

Dawn Wilkes, Speech Pathologist ext. 4910