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school counselor

What do Counselors Do?

Ms. Erika Lira Brambila

6th - 8th Grade: A-L 


Ms. Paulina Tamayo

6th - 8th Grade: M-Z 


We help students:

  • with grades, classes (academics)
  • with friends and other people (social, emotional)
  • with personal issues (social, emotional)
  • with planning for the future (career)

How do counselors help?

  • We will listen to you
  • We will clarify and explain things to you
  • We can mediate in case of a conflict
  • We can refer you to a person or place for more help

When to ask to see your counselor:

  • When you are confused about your classes
  • When you need help with a class, friends, or other people
  • When you feel really sad, angry, or worried

What are the requirements for School Counselors?

All school Counselors are credentialed by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing and possess a Pupil Personnel Services Credential in the state of California.

Student Support Team

Contact Erika Lira  Erika Lira Counselor A - L
Contact Paulina Tamayo  Paulina Tamayo Counselor M - Z
Contact Shawna Williamson  Shawna Williamson School Psychologist

crisis numbers

SD Access and Crisis Hotline



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



Crisis Text Line 

Text "HOME" to 741741